Client Policy Agreement

shop etiquettes

We wrote down some of our shop etiquette that needs to be followed. This will help aid in our business being a safe, and positive experience for all our beloved pets.

1. All of our pets need to be on a leash!

2. Drop Off time is between 7:30 an 9:00 a.m. If you are running late please call and notified us by 9:15, this will ensure that your appointment is held. We start calling other clients to come in around 9:20/9:30 to fill that appointment.

3. We except cash and check as our form of payment.

4. If you need a specific pick up time, it must be arranged at the time of booking your appointment.

5. We close when our last dog is done for the day, giving you a half hour notice with a phone call to the number you provide to us.

6. Please ALLOW plenty of time to let your pet visit the POTTY before your appointment! Thank you in advance for following the above list. We appreciate your business. Clip-N-Dales, Inc